Me just having fun with colouring....



Colouring this cute Some Odd Girl Angel Kaylee digi stamp with watercolouring pencils...

I printed her on Kraft cardstock and I am using a combination of watercolouring pencils.

1- I start with a dark brown pencil for the shadows on her face.
2- then I add a lighter brown close to the dark brown.
3- now add a darker flesh colour.
4- the last is a really light fleshcolour.
5- Now use your waterbrush and blend it all together start with the lightest and softly push it towards the darkest colours.
6-7- Colour the wings and socks with a white and off white pencils and blend it with your waterbrush.
8- Add pink blush to the cheeks.

9- blend it out softly with your waterbrush.
10- For the hair I start with a really dark brown shade.
11- then I added a mahogany brown pencil.
12- Last is an almost orange brown tone.
13- Now use your waterbrush and gentle start to blend it again from light to dark to begin with and then push the darker brown slowly over to the lightest shade.
14- Well as you see we are missing some steps ;) okay I took a break and forgot I was taking pictures in between so I only have a finished picture. But colouring the clothing is just the same as how you colour the hair and skin. I added white dots with a white molotow marker. One thing to remember is Watercolouring is very forgiving as when you go outside the lines let it dry up a little and something you can just use an eraser to remove it but it also can be removed with fresh water and your brush and a tissue.
Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial :)

Penny Patchy Lantern by Lacy Sunshine.

No line colouring
with Lacy Sunshine Stamps

October 2014

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Having fun with Lacy Sunshine Stamps.

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Having fun colouring with Pink Gem Designs

07/11/2013 Having fun colouring a Lacy Sunshine Stamp.

06/11/2013 Having fun Colouring red hair with Lacy Sunshine

Colouring with Tiddly Inks Digistamp

Alota Flower Tutorial

Colouring and Paperpiecing on Kraft with Pink Gem Designs.
For Chloe's skin I used Spectrum Noir FS8 and FS6 and Cheeks are done with PP2. Because I work on Kraft the colours tone down alot. But I like her skin this way. For her hair I started with TN3 and coloured the whole hairpart.
For the lace pieces on her dress I used Prismacolor pencil PC1085 Peach Beige. Just colour and then use a paperstumb and Sansodor or any other odorless mineral spirit. We go further with her hair and you colour part at the roots with TN5.
Then do the same only smaller parts with EB3.
Go over the whole hairpart again with TN3 and blend all the colours nicely together.
Colour her shoes with EB6. You can add shades later with a dark brown Prismacolor pencil,
With a white Prismacolor pencils I draw some clouds behind her and you colour those totally with white and then use the paperstumb and sansodor again to make it looks smoothly.
Then colour the sky with a soft blue tone prismacolor pencil and use sansodor.
I made some grass with different colours of green prismacolor pencils. And I coloured the little doggie in Warm Grey Spectrum Noir colours. BG3-BG4-BG5-BG6.
Because I wanted to paperpiece this image I had to also print her on some designer papers. And I used a 6x6 sheet from a Papermania paperpad. Not all printers will allow you to add weird formats of paper so to make sure you can do this at the 6x6 sheet to a normal papersheet with a bit of scotch magic tape and run it thru your printer. Then look at which parts that you want to paperpiece. For this one I picked the 2 bows , the dress, and the socks.
Here you see them laying on the coloured image.
When they fit perfectly you can glue them with any type of glue that you like to work with. As I wanted the butterflies to stand out a little I coloured those with a softer brown Prismacolor pencil.
And then My signature look I always add 3spots to the cheeks of my characters ;) I can't help it I like it to much and If I don't I always find that the image is something missing ;)
Well I hope you like my way of paperpiecing and colouring ;)
This time I thaught it would be fun to show you how I colour on Kraft Cardstock. I used Pink Gem  Jodie in Dungerees for this lesson. I print right away on the cardstock And then I start to colour with the Spectrum Noir markers first.
For this one I used:
TN6-TN3-TN2 for the hair
PP2-FS8-FS5 for the skin
IB1-LG2-EB3-PP4 for the clothing
Prismacolor pencils:
PC911- PC1007- PC1030- PC947

So I start with the TN6 and colour parts at the roots and ends of the hairparts.
Then I use the TN3 and go over the TN6 and add a bit more to the uncoloured parts.
The last I used is TN2 with this one I go over the whole hairpart and blend it all well together.
Sorry I went further with colouring when it went dark so I had to use a lightspot above my work. I coloured her clothing with the spectrum noir markers first. Just add one layer of colour. I used blue IB1 for the trousers, LG2 is green and I used that for her shirt, Pink PP6 is for the little bow, EB3 is for the shoes.

Then add with the Prismacolours small parts of colour and blend it out with Sansodor to make lighter and darker parts on the clothing. I even used a little bit of the PC 947 on the hair roots and ends.
As you see it is pretty simple to colour on Kraft you only need to learn that the lighter colour in markers are terrible to see on Kraft cardstock So when I start I always pick 1 or 2 colour numbers darker then I originaly wanted to begin with :) so when I want to use Pink I take the PP3 instead of the PP1 or PP2 as those are a bit to light. Always try it out first on a piece of scrap kraft cardstock :)


Here is another colouring lesson with Pink Gem Jodie in Dungerees. I coloured her with Spectrum Noir markers and Prisma Color pencils with Sansodor.
For her hair I used TN9-TN6-TN3
For her Skin I used PP2-FS4-FS3
For her clothing DG2- PP1- PP2- PP3
Prismacolor pencils: PC911-PC923-PC1030
First colour the roots and end hairparts with the TN9

Then take the TN6 and colour over the TN9 and a bit more.
Then take the TN3 and go over all the hair and blend it all well together.
Then I coloured her clothing with DG2 for the trousers,
PP1 for the blouse and PP2 and PP3 for the shoes and bow.
Then you add little lines with the prismacolor pencils. You really don't want to colour in large parts just the outlines/shadow places.
And the end result when I used all the prismacolor pencils colours.

Haircolours with Inky Impressions
Here are 2 different haircolours with Inky Impressions stamps.


How to make a bow

Colouring on stamplinen

Airbrush card

How to merge more then 2 digistamps together with Pink Gem Designs
Happy Sunday Pink Gem Fans,
Today I want to show you how simple it is to merge a couple of Pink Gem Designs Digistamps together.
You need a photo editing program like photoshop, gimp or something simular.
For my card I used the following digistamps...
First I open one of the background papers (Sorry for the weird looking pictures as it is horrible to take pictures of my laptopscreen.) for this card I wanted the blue clouds with green grass, there are 6 different designs to choose from all clouds, clouds with snow, with sand etc...
Then I opened the fence and choose the PNG version for this and also the uncoloured one as I wanted to colour it myself. Select the outlines of the fence and Control C to copy the image and Control V to paste the image onto the background paper.
You now can easily make the fence as big or as small as you want for your total image.
then I did the same with this cute Chloe digistamp again I opened her as a PNG and uncoloured. Then select the Chloe image and copy and paste her onto the background and fence picture.
Now place Chloe wherever you want her in front of the fence. And make her smaller or bigger.
I did the same thing with the Happy birthday sentiment from the new Whimsical sentiment set.
And added it to the lower grass in the background, as I wanted it to be a real part of the picture. Before you now go further make it one layer in your software. And safe it as a jpg file on your computer somewhere.
This is how it looks when I printed it. Because we used PNG file all the images are nicely stacked onto eachother and you can colour them perfectly as nothing is lost. If you can not work with photoediting software then you always can just print each part seperately and cut and glue them to stack them the same way. But i can promise you it will be so much easier if you do it with the computer.
So now it is ready to be coloured. I used Copics, Spectrum Noir markers and Prismacolor pencils with odorless spirit as I love this combination. Here I have coloured some parts already with the markers.
And this is my finished card. I totally love how it turned out.
The papers are from DCWV, Punches used by Martha Steward and EK Success, Pearl, Bling Brads, Ribbon and Lace.
I hope you like how I got the finished result :)