Me just having fun with colouring....



Colouring this cute Some Odd Girl Angel Kaylee digi stamp with watercolouring pencils...

I printed her on Kraft cardstock and I am using a combination of watercolouring pencils.

1- I start with a dark brown pencil for the shadows on her face.
2- then I add a lighter brown close to the dark brown.
3- now add a darker flesh colour.
4- the last is a really light fleshcolour.
5- Now use your waterbrush and blend it all together start with the lightest and softly push it towards the darkest colours.
6-7- Colour the wings and socks with a white and off white pencils and blend it with your waterbrush.
8- Add pink blush to the cheeks.

9- blend it out softly with your waterbrush.
10- For the hair I start with a really dark brown shade.
11- then I added a mahogany brown pencil.
12- Last is an almost orange brown tone.
13- Now use your waterbrush and gentle start to blend it again from light to dark to begin with and then push the darker brown slowly over to the lightest shade.
14- Well as you see we are missing some steps ;) okay I took a break and forgot I was taking pictures in between so I only have a finished picture. But colouring the clothing is just the same as how you colour the hair and skin. I added white dots with a white molotow marker. One thing to remember is Watercolouring is very forgiving as when you go outside the lines let it dry up a little and something you can just use an eraser to remove it but it also can be removed with fresh water and your brush and a tissue.
Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial :)

Penny Patchy Lantern by Lacy Sunshine.

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Having fun with Lacy Sunshine Stamps.

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